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Title: Trend Analysis on the Metadata of Program Comprehension Papers
Authors: Matúš Sulír , Jaroslav Porubän
Journal-ref: 13th International Conference on Engineering of Modern Electric Systems (EMES), IEEE, 2015, pp. 153--156
Subjects: Software Engineering (cs.SE)

As program comprehension is a vast research area, it is necessary to get an overview of its rising and falling trends. We performed an n-gram frequency analysis on titles, abstracts and keywords of 1885 articles about program comprehension from the years 2000-2014. According to this analysis, the most rising trends are feature location and open source systems, the most falling ones are program slicing and legacy systems.

Title: Effects of Degradations on Deep Neural Network Architectures
Authors: Balenciaga allover logo scarf Cost Free Shipping Looking For Discount Free Shipping Outlet Latest Collections Discount With Credit Card 050TGG
, Subhankar Ghosh , Saumik Bhattacharya , Manchester Great Sale Sale Online Clearance Footaction COATS amp; JACKETS Coats Schneiders lBgBjb
Comments: Journal
Subjects: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (cs.CV)

Deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have achieved many state-of-the-art results recently in different fields of computer vision. Different architectures are emerging almost everyday that produce fascinating results in machine vision tasks consisting million of images. Though CNN based models are able to detect and recognize large number of object classes, most of the times these models are trained with high quality images. Recently, an alternative architecture for image classification is proposed by Sabour et al. based on groups of neurons (capsules) and a novel dynamic routing protocol. The architecture has shown promising result by surpassing the performances of state-of-the-art CNN based models in some of the datasets. However, the behavior of capsule based models and CNN based models are largely unknown in presence of noise. As in most of the practical applications, it can not be guaranteed the input image is completely noise-free and does not contain any distortion, it is important to study the performance of these models under different noise conditions. In this paper, we select six widely used CNN architectures and consider their performances for image classification task for two different dataset under image quality distortions. We show that the capsule network is more robust to several image degradations than the CNN based models, especially for salt and pepper noise. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study on the performance of CapsuleNet and other state-of-the-art CNN architectures under different types of image degradations.

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Fonts are like ties. For every white collar professional clad in a smart black tie, there’s another sporting a Daffy Duck tie. We’re not going to debate the merits of wearing Looney Tunes ties to work, but we would like to discuss fonts. Specifically, we’d like to focus on the smart black ones rather than the novelty fonts of the world. Does the internet really need another blog lampooning Comic Sans? We’ll save the cheap jibes for another time: right now there’s work to be done and information to be imparted to aid your PowerPoint presentation font selection.

Font choice might be a contentious issue, but in the corporate realm, 99% of all fonts can automatically be discounted for reasons of legibility or professionalism. All that leaves, by our reckoning, is a solid six. Half a dozen fonts that should be the cornerstone of all your presentations. Use these fonts, or close variations thereof, in all your formal presentations and you can’t go wrong. (Unless you try to incorporate all six into a single presentation, which is a recipe for disaster. Use two or three fonts tops; one for body text and another for headings should do.)

We’ve discussed before, but today we’re going to lay it all on the line and name the fonts that should form your go-to set. These six might be ubiquitous, but they’re everywhere for a reason: they’re clean, legible and professional. In other words, they’re everything you’re looking for in a PowerPoint presentation font.

There’s a hint of typewriter to Lucida Console, but not to the point of impacting upon legibility. There’s a reason for that: it’s based on Lucida Sans Typewriter. This mono-spaced font is highly readable and is ideal for titles and headers.

The beauty of Helvetica is that it retains its clarity even at small sizes, making it ideal for body text in your presentations. It’s also a very neutral font, one that will complement the theme and tone of your slideshow rather than trying to stamp its authority all over it. Using Helvetica in your presentation won’t show off your whacky personality, but it will show that you know a good clean font when you see one.

Trends come and go but classic design never ages. Futura is a geometric sans-serif typeface that was designed in 1927 by Paul Renner. You don’t need to know any of that to appreciate that Futura is a smart looking font. It’s clean-cut yet retains just enough personality to liven up your presentation. Futura will add a dash of character without stealing the show.

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