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Jeffrey: Just so I understand: if I were using Adelle Sans and Adelle in a layout, in theory it could be one variable font that contained the right glyphs and serifs…?

Roger: Yeah, you could have serif axes. All of this started, we saw this with Clearance Good Selling DRESSES Long dresses Hope Collection Cheap Price Wholesale Price Best Place To Buy Online LrHLSn5Yi
that Adobe did years back.

Jeffrey: Right, , 20 years ago.

Roger: Yeah. Then, right at the same time, there was a kind of untracked project called at Apple. If you look at the OS on Macs now, there’s a font called , it was based on Greek inscriptions. It’s a beautiful font, and Balenciaga allover logo scarf Free Shipping Looking For Outlet Latest Collections Get Authentic Sale Online Cheap Best Place Discount With Credit Card DYJHqGQe
, it was done in TrueType GX. That’s the model of what we’re doing now. When Google heard about what GX had done at Apple 20 years ago, they said, “This could be a real savings on the web!” So, Google was the big impetus to make this happen.

So, they hired our company, Type Network, to make two demo fonts, all on GitHub. If you go to GitHub and look up Amstelvar , or Decovar , or if you go to the Type Network site, you can find these fonts, you can use them now, you can download them from GitHub. There’s a fairly interesting demo going on at the site. Amstelvar uses these three main axes, and it’s quite exciting. And then Decovar uses lots of others, including the way that terminals and serifs are done on the letters, and decoration inside the stems and stuff. So, it shows you what the potential of variations might be for design, it’s really quite fun. These were both done by Huishan Zhang lace inserts gown Sale Find Great For Sale For Sale UOSj4

Jen: Well, my understanding is that, for example, if I want to use Goudy right now, if I want to go and get myself a web font, download, and use Goudy on my website, for my body copy—like, okay, cool. Oh, I’ve got some type I want to do in italics? Well, the person who maybe doesn’t know as much about what they’re doing would just say, font-style: italic; and boom, you’re done. But if you really know a lot about typesetting, you’d realize, no, we don’t want to just take the regular font and make it sideways, like slanted. We want to download the italic font because the italic font is more beautiful.

Okay, so now you’ve got two fonts: you’ve got Goudy and you’ve got Goudy Italic. But then are we going to do some bolding? Okay, we’ve got the bold. Do we need the bold italic? Okay, well that would be four. But that’s too much data, so let me just… I’m not going to use bold on my website. Okay, why? Well, ’cause. So, I’ve got Goudy, I’ve got Goudy Bold

But now I want to do my H1 headlines in Goudy, too, but I really shouldn’t just take my font that was made for 14 or 16-point type and make it 36 points, because it’s not really nearly as beautiful as if I get the Goudy Display font. So, I get Goudy Display. But do I need Goudy Display Bold? Or, actually, they have a Black and they have a Light, and they have a… You could end up with…

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sean faunce
sean faunce Amazin, Betamaxx tha god, probably one of the best albums ever created. Favorite track: Contra.
Nico Petrauschke
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das ist purer 80er sound , mache weiter so :) Favorite track: DXHeaven.
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Another outstanding album full of fast-paced outrun and warmed by nostalgia. "Contra" probes the darker regions with its synth leads dancing at machine gun tempo. "Only" starts out slow and then explodes into a sprint, eventually ending with a disco beat. When he's not showing off his complex melodies and leads, you get a few relaxing tracks, like "Senior Year", which has a nice ascending and descending synth hook. "Silicon" and "DX" are on the funky side, each featuring a cool guitar hook. Favorite track: Contra.
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Retro synths, analogue soundscapes electro beats. Heavily evokes 80's movie soundtrack nostalgia. Favorite track: Silicon Dreams.
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Betamaxx is perhaps one of my favorite synthwave artists out there, and this album is a perfect testament to why. Infectious melodies, great variety and range of both urgent and lighter tracks, and some amazingly deft keyboard playing sprinkled throughout. While a lot of synthwave I've heard aims for the Italio nu disco sound, Betamaxx focuses on a much more upbeat, mid-80s soundtrack driven soundscape and truly makes it into something memorably great. Favorite track: Contra.
Moris Notari
Dino Godzilla
Jameson Fuller
Jonathan Yandura
Samuel Posega
Baba Oruc
Derek Tarnawa
Nadim Kobeissi
Justin Palmer
Stevie Gill
Jefferson Weber
Russell Knize
Giacomo Tuttobene
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Shaine Davida
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Nick Hayes
JP O'Keeffe
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Results showing a positive selection for areas near urban environments can be a consequence of the use of small forest patches embedded within urban habitats, but might also relate to the observed provision of food in private backyards (K. Payne pers. Obs) or sap feeding from native and exotic trees commonly carried out by young kaka (Kerry and Linklater 2013). Artificial feeding of kaka could facilitate the successful establishment of reintroduced individuals out of the sanctuary by influencing dispersal and homing behavior. However, to settle in urban areas might have detrimental consequences for kaka due to predation pressure that might result in poor adult and nest survival (see the ecological trap-hypothesis, Battin 2004 ). Further research with tracked adults is required to understand whether the urban area selected by our tracked juveniles can in fact be suitable for nesting and the raising of fledglings, and to evaluate the bias and impact caused by artificial feeders outside the reserve in kaka space use and population dynamics.

Our results indicated the importance of patches of native forests as the main habitat used by the kaka within a mosaic of different habitat patches. This result highlights the importance of the creation or conservation of native forest habitats within cities such as Wellington, as well as the establishment of managed areas of native forest (i.e., predator-free refuges or areas with predator control programs to reduce predator pressure to minimal levels). In the Zealandia reserve, kaka have daily access to supplementary food, which can be a major determinant for the long-term patterns of space use in the kaka population by focusing high-use areas within the reserve. Long-term research is needed to assess the importance and impact of these feeders for the restoring population of kaka in Wellington.

Light-weight GPS/GSM units showed an acceptable performance for the objective of this research. Two of the units deployed failed, but due only to mechanical assembly errors and not electronic failures; we consider this is promising technique for further research. The fix rate success for kaka was lower than that obtained for other forest dwelling species, such as the wild turkey Meleagris gallapavo in North America ( Guthrie et al. 2011 ), but higher than the 43.3% obtained for feral pigeons Columba livia in urban environments ( Rose et al. 2006 ). The size and the behavioral characteristics of animals can partly explain the reduction in fix success rates in comparison with the rates obtained in stationary tests, for larger animals, or for animals using open-sky environments ( Recio et al. 2011 ). Kaka often use cavities where the satellite signal is blocked, nevertheless, a sufficient number of locations was obtained for kaka resource selection analyses.

In conclusion, this research provides detailed spatial information on how a reintroduced native forest-dwelling bird selects landscape patches within an urban environment with high alien predator pressure. Native forest patches are critical for individual kaka and despite landscape fragmentation, urban environments can support the conservation of native species. Understanding of the behavior of urban species and the ecology of their communities at varied scales is required for a better urban planning ( Clergeau et al. 2001 ; Jokimäki et al. 2011 ). This planning should ensure the presence and quality of green patches of native forests to support reintroduction and survival for umbrella species within cities. These species may range from emblematic NZ birds such as the tui Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae or the kaka, to unique “hidden” species of invertebrates such as peripatus in Dunedin (NZ) ( Barret 2013 ). Careful planning and ongoing management of urban landscapes is necessary to ensure cities become more liveable spaces for both humans and native wildlife species.


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